Santa Barbara Ameravant Web Studio to Speak at Goleta Chamber Mixer

by | Dec 18, 2011

Santa Barbara Ameravant Web Studio to Speak at Goleta Chamber Mixer

Web Marketing on a Budget – Complimentary Workshop

Confused about SEO, SEM, MetaTags & More?  Come to our free web marketing workshop to help businesses understand how to maximize their impact on our web world.  Join us on Tuesday, January 5th from 9:05-10:00 a.m. at Warren Hall, Earl Warren for a complimentary workshop on web marketing.  (Workshop begins immediately following the B2B Breakfast.)

This 55-minute workshop will feature:

Best Practices of Web Marketing

 Michael Kramer, Ameravant Web Design

Creating Great Content & Branding Your Business Shukri Farhad of Media 27

Utilizing Social Media to Your Advantage

 Taylor Reaume of Search Engine Pros

  Chamber Website Investment Opportunities

 Max White, Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce

After the session, you will have the first shot at securing your web contract for 2010 at a discounted price.  For as little as $41/month, you can have a presence on 

  For more information, contact Max White at 805-967-2500 ext. 2 or[email protected].  To RSVP, please send an email with your name and phone number to [email protected].

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