About Ameravant Web Studio

Our Company

Ameravant is an innovative Santa Barbara web design and development company. Founded in 2001 by Michael Kramer, we specialize in creating websites for small and medium businesses, and over 80 nonprofits. We Search Engine Optimize all major pages within the website for the best possible exposure in the Google Search Engine. We take the time to make sure the targeted visitor is greeted with engaging content that will want them to stay longer and learn about your organization. The test for success is low Bounce rates (less than 50%) and sales lead generation.

Putting you in control

Traditional web development companies require you to have a content maintenance plan with them, just so you can change what’s on your own website. You would have to start with a phone call or email message, hope they answer or respond promptly, and then wait for them to actually make the change for you. After that, they send you a bill. What a hassle! We prefer to empower our clients with tools that let them avoid those feelings of being “stuck.” It’s your website, and you should be in control of it.

What does this mean? Basically, we put you in control of nearly every aspect of your website. We eliminate the need for you to contact us if you need a paragraph of text changed on your About Us page, or a new photo added to a slideshow. And with our Lifetime Free Support Policy, you know you are getting the very best support when you do need help maintaining your website’s content.

Get Business Done with Ameravant

We work with a broad range of brands and businesses to develop funnel campaigns that are among the highest-converting campaigns in modern-day marketing being second to none. We work with a broad range of brands and businesses to develop funnel campaigns that are among.

Our extensive experience and professional training in conversion rate optimization brings with it an unmatched advantage of historic data.