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Ameravant provides a powerful, worry free hosting & support policy for our clients.

A well made website is more than just design – hosting, security, backups, and maintenance are crucial to your website success. Our Santa Barbara Web Hosting Company offers Cloud hosting and generous support to our clients. We are a proud partner of Cloudways, a leader in website hosting known for its 24/7 support, unmatched performance and reliability.

WordPress hosting is an important consideration for your website. Ameravant offers cloud-based hosting on our dedicated servers for your current or future WordPress website. If your site has outgrown the shared hosting solutions it’s time to move to the cloud. Our cloud web hosting platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimized for efficiency and speed that guarantees a top performance of your site.

Santa Barbara WordPress Hosting

Santa Barbara WordPress Hosting

Already have a website and need better hosting? If you don’t want us to design your website, we can just host your website, which allows you to never worry about server issues, plus you’ll get access to our paid WordPress Themes & Plugins to use on your own site.

We know that a growing business needs more maintenance on all levels. By taking care of your web worries, we allow you to focus on other more important business issues. That’s why our clients love our Santa Barbara Website Hosting & Support.

Fast Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting incorporates the use of cutting edge Cloud technology, NVMe storage, and multiple servers, ensuring your website remains fast and stays online

Plugin & Security Updates

Our hosting and support plan ensures your website and all its necessary plugins stay up to date without breaking your website


Secure Your Media

Upload your photos, videos, or PDFs with ease with our generous storage allotment. Create custom forms, buttons, and layouts with ease

Daily Backups

We have mulitple backup systems and make backups daily of your website, and if something breaks or you need to move to a different server, or hosting provider, it’s easy to migrate between WordPress databases


Dedicated Security

All our websites include SSL, bot and brute force protection. Never worry about website security or updates

Security Monitoring

All our hosting, themes, plugins are vetted and trusted by millions of other WordPress users. We actively monitor all our websites to ensure make sure your site is free of bugs

Santa Barbara Website Support & Maintenance

Real Life, Human Support!

Web Hosting & Support Santa Barbara

Our generous support policy includes:

    • Email, Live Chat and Ticket support: 9:00am – 5:00pm PST M-F, [email protected]. Have a question? We’re here to answer and help!
    • Phone Support: (805) 456-6015 9:00am – 5:00pm PST M-F (if we don’t pick up. leave a message — we’ll get back to you!)
    • One hour of training per year: live screen share or office visits available
    • Minor content updates to your site that take us less than a few minutes to execute
    • Monitoring service that pings your website every 15 minutes. If your website goes offline for any reason, 3 staff at Ameravant will receive notice and address the issue immediately.
    • All necessary Security and Feature upgrades to your website
    • Implementation of 3rd party scripts into your website. You must provide the scripts
    • Emergency support after hours or weekends (Emergency Support may be a billable event, depending on the type of support. Ameravant staff will let you know if your emergency support is billable or covered under your Support Policy.)
    • Online User Guide access: Tutorials with step-by-steps instructions on how to manage content in your site:
    • For WordPress support visit:

    Three Hosting Options & Domain Management

    1. Sometimes people ask us if we have never held up the transfer of a domain or website from anyone. The answer is NO.   It’s your domain and your website.  We are just the vendor helping you to create, maintain and promote it. If you need any help accessing your hosting or domain from another company, please let us know and we will be there for you.
    2. For domain management, You keep your domain wherever you want it.  We are a reseller of Godaddy and like them the best.  When the website goes live, we use a Content Delivery Network “CDN” called  The DNS needs to be managed by them so they can filter traffic to the website and block any malicious attempts to attack the website. They also provide the SSL security certificate and help the website to perform better by caching images.
    3. For Website Hosting, we offer 3 options

      1. All Hosting options are provided by, one of the leading hosting providers for WordPress websites.  Their servers are extremely fast and their customer service is excellent if needed.
      2. All of our Hosting Plans come with premium support from our staff.  We include up to 1 hour of live training that we record for you to revisit if you forget how to update your website.  Here is our Support Policy,  Your hosting in includes 9-5 phone support, Ticket Support, usually same day and often within the hour, and online User Guide support. Your support also includes maintaining your hosting server, WordPress Application and all Plugins needed to run your website, in Options 1 and 2 below.
      3. Option 1:  Shared Application Hosting $39/mo – This is the most common and 95% of our clients prefer this type of hosting.  We develop websites using WordPress and it requires maintenance, so on a Shared Application when we update WordPress, the server, plugins, etc, everyone gets the update at the same time.
        For this plan, you have “Editor” rights to edit content within your website.  Accessing any programming or scripting code, that may be needed on a page, is not allowed but can be performed by our staff.  This is designed to protect you from not accidentally crashing your website.
      4. Option 2: Single Application in a Shared Hosting environment $49/mo – This is where your WordPress application is 100% yours.  You are not sharing any resources with any other website  The downside of this is there is extra time needed for us to visit your WordPress application and make sure all services are always updated.  If this doesn’t happen your website will eventually break.  Even though you are not sharing the resources of your WordPress Application, you are sharing the hosting environment.  A shared hosting environment can have many websites on it and still perform extremely well.  If you felt you wanted even more dedicated performance, you would need the next hosting option, dedicated hosting.
        For this plan, you have “Administrator” rights to edit content within your website, and any programming or scripting code. Your Support Policy with Ameravant does not include fixing the website if you break it as a result of your Administrator rights.

      5. Option 3: Dedicated Hosting $39/mo + the cost of the Dedicated server, starting at $29/month for a minimum monthly cost of $68/mo – The only clients we have using dedicated hosting are clients that have very high and sudden demands on their websites, like Fire Departments.  They need it because in the case there are 10,000 people at the same time wanting to know the status of a fire, the server needs those dedicated resources.


      6. For this plan, you have “Administrator” rights to edit content within your website, and any programming or scripting code. You also have access to the Server through a control panel and FTP.  Your Support Policy with Ameravant does not include fixing the website if you break it, and it does not include helping you to understand how to manage the tools that come with Server-level access.

    Looking for great hosting?

    We recommend Cloudways Managed WordPress hosting. Cloudways lets you select from 5 different leading Cloud computing providers with datacenters around the globe.


    Reliable WordPress Hosting Options:

    1. ($0.99/month Low Cost, Reliable Hosting)
    2. (starting at $10/month Mid-tier, amazing value and performance – what we use on most of our sites, including this one!)
    3. WP Engine (starting at $25/month Premium Managed Hosting for Mission Critical Websites)
    4.  – We haven’t tried it yet but hear amazing things. Tried it? Let us know what you thought!
    Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

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