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Webinar Production / Consulting Services include:

  • Pre Planning includes
    • Pre-planning your webinar for success with creative ideas to keep your audience entertained and informed
    • Collect from all Presenters materials that will be presented during the Webinar as a backup, such as PowerPoint presentations or videos.
    • Collect Poll Questions to be used during the Webinar
    • Providing the technology to host the webinar
    • Pre-training with all Co-Hosts that will be presenting, using their computer, notepad or mobile phone
  • Creation Of Webinar Session includes
    • Create a secure session with passwords and login security
    • Email blast to all potential attendees with login info
    • Activate Q&A and Polling
    • Create custom Registration with your branding
    • Create custom follow up Email after the webinar
    • Create your custom Polls to be presented during the webinar
    • Provide 30-second educational videos for all registered attendees to test and make adjustments to their equipment before attending. 
  • During the Webinar
    • Promote your sponsors during your webinar!
    • If there is strong attendance, announce it to the Attendees
    • 30-60 minutes advanced setup and perform a technology check
    • 30-60 minutes connection with presenters to troubleshoot technology and the environment
    • Activate recording of the webinar after the pre-production checklist is complete
    • Optionally stream the webinar to YouTube and Facebook
    • Optionally MC the meeting and introduce presenters
    • Give instructions to Attendees how to use Chats, Q&A and Polls
    • Manage Polling questions for your audience
    • Control which presenter’s video and audio is on or off
    • Control the video and audio of attendees.
    • Manage Questions that are coming in from the audience
    • Manage Chat between attendees and between panelists and attendees
    • Privately chat with attendees that are experiencing problems with their camera for poor quality video, microphone issues, or background noises.
    • Call attendees that have registered but are not present in the 1st five minutes of the meeting. This will solve the technical issues experienced by attendees.  This is optional.
  • After the Webinar
    • Edit recording of webinar and post for viewing
    • Assemble all materials presented during the webinar and prepare for Email distribution or posting on the website.
  • Client Training
    • OPTIONAL: Training on how to host a webinar and provide all the services listed above.

Worry-free Technical Support.

Relax, Our turnkey solution comes with the technical staff to run 100% of your Hybrid meetings.