SEO CMS – Top 10 SEO Tips

by | Mar 14, 2013

“A proper content management system will not only allow you to go in and make any changes to your site that you wish, but it will also function in terms of optimizing the site’s ability to be found on search engines…”

SEO CMS is a valuable part of any CMS for web designers, because it helps gain greater visibility for your site.

1. Take time to research. If you have a better idea of what your competitors are doing, you can then tailor your own site design to match or exceed their web strategy.

2. Utilize multiple domains. Although you might think it’s easiest to manage your content system through just one domain name, if you can spread your content over multiple sites this will improve your SEO CMS rankings. The term is “micro sites” and they are only offered by a select number of web firms today.

3. Think on an international scale. If you can get your website listed in directories abroad as well as those in your home country, you might stand a better chance of making the most of your SEO CMS.

4. Use visual cues to enhance your web design. The best CMS website design will be fresh and innovative to look at, but will also draw attention to the SEO terms that you want highlighted.

5. Think about your site map. Even if you only have a small website, be sure that it is easy for visitors as well as search engines to navigate by installing a simple page with a site map that shows all of the pages of your web site in  simple table of contents fashion. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure your website CMS has the special Google Site map installed (sitemap.xml) Both are key features of any website CMS.

6. Offer visitors the chance to bookmark your site using social networking. If visitors enjoy your content, they can then link back to your site by bookmarking it on their social networking profiles.

7. Think about deep linking possibilities. A good way to improve SEO CMS is by ensuring that all of your inner web pages are linked to, not just the homepage.

8. Make sure that your content is tweetable. The idea is to create content with your management system that can be buzzed about across the web so that it ends up being shared on as many sites as possible. Having twitter buttons on your site can increase the chances of getting hundreds of free backlinks.

9. Use checklists or other computerized programs to check broken links. Make sure that your content management system does not have any broken links.  Double-check your site to ensure that no broken links are present.  This will increase your Google rankings.

10. Optimize titles and all headings. When setting up your SEO CMS, make sure you include the key phrases that are important to your business in the title of the web pages, as well as the headlines of the articles.

Learning more about all of the ways to improve your SEO CMS is easy when you use professional content management programs like These systems are designed with professionals in mind, for ease of access and maximum SEO capabilities.


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