Carpinteria in the Time of Corona – An Ameravant Produced Webinar

by | May 9, 2020

Recorded Webinar


Webinar Recording Image

Webinar Video Recording (click here)

Food Resources in Carpinteria as of April 30, 2020

Results from a Poll presented during the Webinar

Ameravant was hired as the Webinar Production Host for this city-wide updated on the CornaVirus and its impact on the city.  Five City leaders discussed how Carpinterians are strong and the path to a new normal way of doing business.

Your Host: Joyce Donaldson, President/CEO, Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce,
Your Production Host: Michael Kramer, Ameravant Digital Marketing,

The Webinar will be available for everyone in Carpinteria. The Webinar will also be recorded.

Each speaker will have 8 minutes to speak. We are hopeful to have a brief Q & A period following the presentation. Questions can be submitted during the Webinar.


1. Dave Durflinger, City Manager, City of Carpinteria Topic: City Reopening & Recovery Update

2. Melissa James, CEO, REACH, Topic: Santa Barbara County-wide efforts to reopen our community & economy

3. Dena Bellman, District Planning Chief/PIO, Channel Coast District Topic: Soft Closure Model

4. Marybeth Carty, Executive Director, Natalie Orfalea Foundation Topic: Feeding Carpinteria Initiative including Compassionate Care of Carpinteria & 93013 Fund

5. Roland Rotz, Ph.D., Licensed Child and Adult psychologist, Director of the Lifespan Development Center Topic: Maintaining Mental Strength amid COVID-1

Executive Circle Sponsors of this Event

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Cox  
  • Chevron
  • E.J. Harrison 
  • Greenleaf Landscapes/Tarpitz Gardening  
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites
  • Hickey Bros Land Co.
  • Latitude 34 Technologies, Inc.
  • LinkedIn
  • Meister & Nunes, PC
  • Montecito Bank & Trust  
  • Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Rincon Beach Club & Catering
  • Southern California Edison

Carpinteria in the Time of Corona – Speakers – Carpinteria-in-the-time-of-Corona.pdfFood Resources in Carpinteria – Food-Resources-in-Carpinteria-04-30-2020.pdf

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