Noelle Geiger

Noelle Geiger, Senior Customer Manager

Customer Service Manager & Project Manager

Noelle oozes creativity and creative solutions. She got her teeth sharpened at one of the largest law firms in the world, where she was responsible for all communications technology between most major cities in the United States. She has managed a team of people and understands the value of great customer service.

Even though she is a tech geek, her real passion is the arts (not so uncommon amongst truly talented tech geeks).  She has been involved in singing and acting since high school.  She is a published writer of screenplays and children’s shows, and has acted with notable stars such as Hal Linden.  She played six different roles in her most recent acting adventure, “An Actor’s Carol,” a world premiere production written by award-winning playwright Charles Evered.

When you contact Ameravant for support, you’ll be greeted with one of the most pleasant and talented individuals you could hope for.  Noelle will quickly be your “go to” person for all your website and Internet questions.  

Noelle Geiger