Mark Chumley and FatherHi there! I’m Mark, a 60-year-old with over 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry. I’ve spent most of my career in production in Los Angeles. I lived a virtually pain free life until I turned 38 in 1999. 

In 1999, I moved back to Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, California US where I still live today. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and my family doctor of 20 years introduced me to opioid pain management. 

Hydrocodone-Ibuprofen 7.5 has delivered phenomenal results for me and continues to do so in 2021, 21 years later. This course of treatment has allowed me to maintain my dignity and will hopefully keep me working until I retire at age 62 or 65. 

Phillip P, my 85-year-old stepfather has a history of heart attacks and strokes. He has also been on opioid pain management for 25 years, from 1996 to present day. While life isn’t always easy for us, we have a great support system that helps us maintain our personal dignity and a high standard of living.

Both myself and my stepfather have a strong, long standing relationship with Lags Medical Centers and deeply respect their patients, doctors, and employees. We firmly believe their shut down was unfair. It was their services that have led us to make the best treatment choice and significantly improve our quality of life. 

We do not feel at risk while using their services and have not discovered or been presented with anything other than the addictions of others and overdose concerns we are not qualified for. If you have interest in long-term use, we welcome all inquiries or studies.

“Hang in there, Lags! We will be back!”

Mark C. and Phillip P.
Solvang, California.