Website Pricing

These plans give an overview of our Pricing. All plans come with a WordPress optimized installation of the Divi Theme unless other themes requested. Our sites are hosted on extremely fast and optimally configured Cloudways servers. We are Cloudways Gold Level Partners.


  1. Additional Pages – After the website goes live, you can add as many pages to your website as you want, for FREE. If you want Ameravant to add pages or additional functionality, like custom forms, directories, blogs, events, or shopping cart, please let us know so we can quote you the cost. On average additional single-column pages cost $75 each and additional formatted sections within pages cost and additional $50 each.
  2. Design Templates – Select from up to 300 design templates. ( Divi Layouts + Divi Cake Layouts)
  3. Changes to Design/Content – You have the option to modify any of the pre-designed templates.  The cost for web design services is $125/hour.  Common changes include:
    1. Color scheme changes
    2. Logo and navigation positioning changes
    3. Text font style and colors
    4. Custom icons to represent your services
    5. Changes of content layout on the pages
    6. Custom footer that includes a list of all services and a secure contact form
    7. Custom change of animation of content.
  4. Licensed Photos – Ameravant has a corporate account at and  We can pass along our savings to you.  Each licensed photo or video you want from these websites can be purchased through Ameravant for only $10 each.  Email us the URL of the photo or video you want on the site and we will purchase the photos for you and bill you for the photos after your site is live.
  5. The VISIONING Meeting – This is a 1.5 hour meeting to help define the demographic groups your website needs to serve.  Then we create powerful benefit statements that give your visitors the “What’s in it for me” message about your services.  We then define powerful images or videos that support the benefits of your services. The cost for this meeting is $250.
  6. Email Inboxes $4 each month.  Includes 25gigs of storage. Compared to Googles Workspace Email for $6 each/month and includes 30gigs. Our Emails can be integrated into your current Google or Gmail accounts.