Using Motion Graphics to Increase Your Click Through Rate

by | Oct 9, 2013

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics refers to various types of graphic movements, including 3-D elements, cell animation, stop-motion animation, digital video, film and many others.

The designer of these graphics provides information through the graphic while guiding the readers through a story in some way. Motion graphics also can be used on TV and film.

Using Motion Graphics to Increase Your Click Through Rate

Benefits of Motion Graphics

With today’s technological advancements, including improvement of Internet bandwidth, motion graphics are becoming more advanced along with it. This means high-quality and high-resolution graphics can be used for advertising with animation and special effects.

By using motion and animation, this style of graphics can be used to draw in the visitor to a company’s website and get them to pay more attention than to a simple text banner or info-graphic.

Some information is too complex to present in a still image. An info-graphic has to be dumbed down or less than comprehensively detailed. Motion graphics can display different images and use video and audio to give a bigger picture. They engage not just the eyes, but also the ears. This means they can be more memorable than just a still image, in the same way an info-graphic is more memorable than a simple chart or text.

Motion graphics can last a long time. They also can convey motivating statistical data to prove why a firm’s customers should be using that company’s service or buying its product.

Motion graphics can be seen as a complete sales person with an entertaining presentation.

This type of content has resulted in increased click through rates of 55%!

Using Motion Graphics to Increase Your Click Through Rate

The Value of Data Visualization

Communicating to potential customers becomes very difficult when trying to convey a message full of complicated data, which is often quite hard to interpret clearly to the naked eye.

Motion graphics are a powerful tool used to communicate effectively to a large audience. By using storyboard development and possible voice-over sound, a company’s message can be conveyed in an easy-to-understand but interesting manner.

Many businesses spend hours filtering information about what they actually do, what they can deliver, and their market target. Once they distill all that abstract information down to a couple of sentences, it becomes their “unique selling proposition.”

Motion Graphics helps out when a company’s proposition seems to get lost in translation on the Internet, as many things do.

Low-cost Production

To create a 30-second video commercial for a businesses, a company could expect to spend at least $50, 000 just for production purposes. Such a high cost made high-end commercials exclusive to businesses with large marketing budgets.

Because motion graphics can be created entirely on a computer, a company can produce a 30-second video for less than $3,000. That video could be broadcast on TV, as well as published it on a company’s website, Facebook, blogs, digital presentation, trade shows booths, and any other digital media used for marketing and sales strategies. This ensures the most exposure possible for the video.

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