Goleta Lemon Festival

by | Oct 18, 2011

The Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce selected Ameravant Web Design to create this year’s www.lemonfestival.com   website.  The branding was created by Media27. The site design was create by Ameravant Web Design.  Features of this site include:

Custom Graphic Design

Slideshow Gallery

Lemon Festival Sponsors

Goleta Fall Classic Car and Street Rod

Volunteer Applications

Goleta Lemon Festival Event

For the eighteenth year in a row Goleta’s California Lemon Festival will titillate the senses by offering food and lemon ale, plus provide live entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment, carnival rides for family fun, and a classic car show October 17th – October 18th at Girsh Park on Santa Felicia Drive.

As the biggest celebration in the Goleta Valley, each year introduces something new for families and central coast visitors who take part in Goleta’s California Lemon Festival.  One new addition is A Taste of Coastal Wines sponsored by Albertson’s grocery stores.  On Saturday, October 17th between 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. 20 local wine vendors will provide tastings of their personal favorites, plus offer pairing suggestions for your next meal.  You will also want to bring the family to tour the new Green Business Trade Show Row sponsored by Hayward Lumber.  Local businesses will showcase their sustainable product lines and educate the community as to environmentally conscious living practices.  Whether you own a business or wish to go green in your household, trade show row is the place to pick up tips for making choices that help us prolong the life of our planet. 

Even in a down economy Goleta’s California Lemon Festival is not only surviving, but thriving due to the generosity and support of this year’s presenting sponsor, Marborg Industries.  For more than 70 years the Borgatello family has invested manpower and contributions to support and sustain our beautiful and cherished coastal community.  It is due to the Borgatello’s servant leadership mentality that this year’s festival will carry the taste of not too tart, with just the right amount of sweet, to keep our community smiling!

Ameravant reported on other Goleta Valley Chamber events earlier this year.

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