CMS Website Design – Top 10 Tips for Non-Profit CMS Web Design

by | Mar 15, 2013

“Although a non-profit organization does not use their website to sell a product like other sites might do…”

CMS Website Design � Top 10 Tips for Non-Profit CMS Web Design

it’s equally important to keep a clear focus and purpose in mind, so that they can draw the attention of donors, volunteers, and the media. Using SEO CMS techniques can help make the site easy to find, but the following tips should also be kept in mind for the best CMS for web designers of non-profit websites.

1. Have a clear purpose in mind for your site. Many non-profits can boil down their reason for existing to one key phrase. This purpose should be clear throughout your CMS website design so that the target audience can more easily connect and relate.

2. Make your site as donor-friendly as possible. It should be clear where donors can contribute to your cause, and you should make electronic payments secure and easy to submit.

3. Shared contacts can be a great feature. By using a shared contacts list, non profits can share their sources for newsletters or other mailing campaigns. This can be set up using a website CMS.

4. Make sure that event calendars are easy to update. When you are putting a CMS website design system into place for a non-profit, keep in mind that you will need to be able to go in and consistently update any events that the organization is in charge of.

5. Make it easy for the media to find information or quotes on your site. These could be included in a news section, or highlighted throughout your CMS website design.

6. Include a blog or other news section that is consistently updated. This not only will increase SEO rankings, but also will keep readers coming back for more information.

7. Keep your site consistent with any other promotional materials that you publish. If you use separate publishers for both sources, be sure that they are in contact with one another.

8. Keep your content fresh and relevant to your organization’s message. Use the possibility of design to attract new interest.

9. Use CMS website design to attract volunteers. When volunteers are searching for a place to contribute, they want to know exactly what to expect. Your design should back this up and provide all the relevant information needed.

10. Don’t be afraid to use social networking or multimedia platforms. If your site is going to be used by all generations, you want the strongest web presence possible as part of your CMS website design.

Although non-profits might have some specific goals to keep in mind with their initial CMS website design, the basic principles of design and SEO content management will be the same as other types of sites. These can be serviced by companies such as


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