Responsive CMS – SiteNinja CMS Ranked #1 By Google

by | Mar 14, 2013

Below are actual Google Searches for the month of February 2013.  The Table shows how SiteNinja CMS was ranked nationally in organic search results.

Google Placement + Keyword Phrase

#1 how to review your website
#1 +how to build website
#1 responsive CMS
#1 responsive cms review
#1 facebook wall widget
#1 facebook wall widget for website
#1 display facebook wall on website
#1 how to make money with google account
#1 add google calendar to iphone imap
#1 top 10 online directories
#1 best seo information site
#1 & #2 cms website mobile friendly
#2 mobile cms system
#2 how to show facebook wall on my website
#2 display facebook fan page feed on website
#2 Making money through google account
#2 10 tips to succeed in business
#2 responsive cms reviews
#2 responsive web design content management
#2 Cms responsive
#2 Content Management Systems responsive
#2 best cms for responsive design
#2 best responsive website cms
#2 best responsive cms
#2 how to review websites
#2 how to choose the best shopping cart
#2 how to delete google mail messages
#3 best content management system for responsive design
#3 best cms for mobile
#3 cms for small business
#3 what is a flash website
#3 cms for mobile responsive websites
#3 cms for responsive websites
#3 responsive web design cms
#3 content management system mobile
#3 content management system for small businesses
#3 blog cms responsive
#3 seo with subdomains
#3 average price of a nonprofit website
#3 syncronyzing contacts with imap for iphone
#3 how to review a site
#4 how to review a website
#4 subdomains and seo
#4 converting from outlook to gmail
#4 facebook wall on website
#5 best mobile cms
#5 best cms for small business website
#5 cms responsive web design
#5 are sub domains good for seo
#5 how to delete messages in gmail
#5 how to delete gmail messages
#5 how to delete gmail inbox
#6 add responsive design to your web page
#6 cms better than wordpress
#6 best cms for designers
#6 best cms for real estate website
#6 choosing an ecommerce solution for your website
#7 best cms for business websites
#8 how to delete gmail emails
#8 are subdomains good for seo
#8 best cms for small business
#9 best cms for graphic designers
#9 best cms for mobile site
#10 cms responsive design

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