2017 Santa Barbara Business Expo and Conference – Best Year Yet!

by | Jan 13, 2017

This is a grassroots business event BY local business owners, For local business owners, entrepreneurs and others who strive for excellence, and enjoy serving others in the Santa Barbara business community. 

Executive Producers & Founders: Gino and Sandy Goe, with a Team of Local Business Owners & Professionals create this uniquely dynamic business event to serve YOU and support relationship development within our business community.  The support goes beyond the day of the event! Continue connecting on-line at BusinessHubSB.com and participate in events during the year.

2017 SBBE Conference Tickets include:

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Breakout Sessions with Industry Experts
  • Business Exhibitors
  • Free Business Services including consultations
  • Media Room
  • Complimentary Chair Massages
  • Door Prize Drawings
  • Plus access to all other Expo areas open to the public
  • VIP Swag Bag & More!

Pre-Register Early for Best Pricing.
Advance Purchased Admission Tickets only $25/person [$45 at door]BUY TICKETS

Your ticket purchase supports Habitat for Humanity. Thank you!


The Grand Foyer and Patio areas are FREE and open to the public. Enjoy an abundance of information and resources, including:

  • Habitat for Humanity [The 2017 SBBE Non-Profit] 
  • Jobs / Employer Services
  • Career Resources
  • Emergency and Disaster Relief Information and Resources
  • Exhibitors with great products and services & many more Networking Opportunities with other friendly folks!

See footage from our 2016 Santa Barbara Business Expo & Conference to get a feel for what you can expect out of the event this year.BUY TICKETS

[email protected] l (805) 452-3632

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